Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 9: November 5

OWNING God's Words

Last week, we took a look at the habit of self-reflection. This week, we will take a look at studying God's words to practice an ownership of our life of faith. Both self-reflection and daily study of God's word are ways that we connect to God's perspective and, by understanding God's perspective, we naturally embody being a person of service, gratitude, and integrity. 

Making time each day to read and reflect on God’s Word serves as food for the spirit and a source of guidance and wisdom.  As a Parent, God gives us a blueprint to help His children grow and develop. Understanding God's word is the first step; any effort taken to include a quote in your day or a short paragraph helps connect you to a greater perspective. As we put these words into action, we truly come to understand God's word and our original mind is strengthened. We can learn to own the words that have been given to us by True Parents through practice. To own something, it has to be given to you and you make the choice to inherit it. 

As we study God's word, we come to see the challenges we face or people in our lives from God's view point and respond with greater love, empathy, and ownership.  As this becomes a daily practice, it's easier to work on ourselves to grow our perspective, character and heart. In this way, we come to embody the words we read.  

On this week's call/meet up:

  • How have you had a recent experience with God's word in your life? 
  • What does ownership mean to you? It doesn't have to be a thing, it could be an experience you came to own. 


"God values life, because He is its root. God values the Word. Also, God values action and love. When a person recognizes Him as the root of his or her existence and speaks his Word, God loves seeing that Word bear fruit as He has spoken it. Once that Word is spoken, it bears fruit. Then God does not leave the fruit of that Word alone, but continues to love it. In this way, God speaks the Word, a person puts it into action, and through action that person emerges as the embodiment of that Word. Then it is for God to develop that person into the embodiment of love." - CSG 41

“All men have a dormant desire for unchanging truth embedded deep in their innermost hearts. Even though they may lead very extreme and carnal lives, once the truth touches them than sleeping desire will be awakened and immediately ignited. The cleansing process will begin and that person will start a new life of internal discipline and good habits, and you will witness their new life well up from inside and grow. This revolution of man is completely possible with absolute truth and will happen quite instantly. Even though you may not recognize it right away, once the truth touches a man, this kind of revolution will automatically begin in his heart.” - Way of Tradition I, 141.

"Adam did not believe in God absolutely, so to surpass Adam you need to believe in God's Word absolutely.  Also, Adam failed to practice God's Word.  Adam fell because he did not believe in God or practice His Word.  Only when you practice God's Word can you connect to God's love.  The original way for human beings who have nothing to do with the Fall is to believe in God's Word and practice it.  Had Adam and Eve done so, they would have moved on to the next level.  There, God's love awaited them.  God's blessing awaited them." - CSG, 334

“[You] will become different people because truth has the power to change the human heart.” - TF

“If you know the simple truth, then nothing will stop you. A whole new universe is open to you and great power and courage will be yours.” - Way of Tradition I, 136

Action Step

Reading a speech and studying it in continuity often allows for a deeper experience than reading excerpts.  This week, here’s a suggested option: Pick one speech to read (in one sitting or over the course of the next few days).  Find 1 point/passage that really makes you think or resonates with you.  Share it with someone else (text, email, conversation) and see what the other person thinks about the passage/point.  Here are a few suggestions we’ve found insightful!: “When Are We Satisfied?”, “Let Us Be Grateful,” “God’s Hope for Man,” “May God Protect Us,” “Prayer” (Young Oon Kim), a chapter from True Father’s autobiography, or pick a favorite!


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