Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 4: Feb 11

Prayer I

The center of any life of faith lies in our relationship with our Heavenly Parent.  As with any relationship, cultivating connection and understanding requires communication - both an honesty in sharing and an openness in listening. 

Being honest with God can be a challenge. In the ideal world, a person (unfallen) would need to work to unite their mind and body and overcome various challenges in order to grow. However, an original person would not be contradicted within, having both original and fallen nature.

In the world we live in, we have both original and fallen nature. Dividing ourselves is an important step in honesty before our Heavenly Parent, and it is how we take responsibility for our own growth; when we learn to do this well, it becomes a valuable tool which enables us to maintain a consistent life of faith.

Honesty in prayer is how we can be genuine with where we are at, and it is what allows the grace of our Heavenly Parent to help us grow. This space of honesty is our authentic relationship with God. 

On this week's call/meet up:

  • Do you have an experience where you were able to be open and honest with God? Share with your mentor/mentee. 
  • Have you had a positive experience in listening to God through prayer? Share with your mentor/mentee. 


“Prayer starts with openness to the possibility that God is there. We need to pray with the faith that there is a capable God who is there and listening. Therefore we must try to form the best conception of God that we can, and the more we try, the better we shall succeed.” - Young Oon Kim. "Prayer"

"People should be honest. Honesty can pass through everything. When you make a mistake, if you admit it honestly, you will develop. Goodness cannot grow without the process of proper guidance. Can people always do well? Because people tend to make mistakes, they can develop through that process. You can make a new determination by honestly repenting for your mistakes. Do you follow? To make a mistake is not bad. You can leap forward by receiving a stimulus from that. If you leap to the good side through that kind of stimulus, making mistakes can bring a good result. Even if you failed to study, you may be able to be an honor student by receiving that kind of experience. How miserable it is to fail instead of becoming the top student among your peers. Through failing you can receive stimulation and shock through which your results can be turned in the direction of goodness. It is difficult to follow the straight path for your whole life. You must do your best in this way. Therefore, you should be honest. People who try to hide their mistakes cannot develop. However, people who are honest develop because the universe will push them. Wherever they may go, the universe will push and support them. Regardless of east or west, past, present or future, all the excuses or hide your mistakes in order to show yourself in a better light. You will not be able to develop and you will have no friends.” Way of the True Child

Action Step

Taking some time each morning in prayer can be a peaceful, centering, and intentional way to invite God to start your day together.  This week, we suggest taking a few minutes each morning to prayer about

  1. What you’re grateful for in life right now.
  2. One area you are trying to work on/looking for forgiveness and healing in.
  3. A determination/goal you have for this week.


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