Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 2: June 18


More often than not we’ll find ourselves in a situation where we won’t know what to do.  The power of the believer doesn’t come only from how much faith or knowledge they have or how good of person they are.  Rather, the power of the believer comes from their kneecaps.  It comes from our personal relationship with our Heavenly Parent.   As with any relationship, cultivating connection and understanding requires communication - both an honesty in sharing and an openness in listening.  One of the best ways to do so is through prayer.

Prayer is a powerful source of guidance.  If we make it a habit to turn to God when we're confused, struggling, or don't know what to do, we can receive incredible guidance.  Of course, going to people for advice is important and valuable, but before going to others, first go to God.  Whatever you're faced with is unique to you.  Thus, the answers you receive from God are more powerful and personal that the answers you can receive from others.  God knows you intimately, and knows your heart 100% and if you pray you’ll find your answer.

  • What steps have been helpful to you in cultivating a consistent prayer life?
  • What experiences have you had of finding answers and clarity through prayer?

On this week's call/meet up:

  • Share thoughts on the "weekly inspiration" below and your experiences and tips on incorporating this week's faith habit into your daily life
  • Share about other ares of life (school, faith, friends, family, work, etc) that you want support and encouragement in


“God is always ready to give the type of love which is best suited to and most wanted by the person seeking a relationship with Him. If we wanted parental love from God, He would be prepared with it; if we wanted brotherly love or conjugal love, or the love of a friend from Him, He is ready with these.” - TF. May God Protect Us

“Today is just the beginning. Pray to tell God that you are just beginning and need His help.” - True Father. The Importance of Prayer

“Prayer starts withopenness to the possibility that God is there. We need to pray with the faith that there is a capable God who is there and listening. Therefore we must try to form the best conception of God that we can, and the more we try, the better we shall succeed.” - Young Oon Kim. Prayer

"Your heart is the only place where you alone can meet God."- True Father. Way of Tradition I. 5

“Where do God and man meet and love each other? Everybody dreams of this happiness of having this value most, of having God as his own. You want to bring God to that secret place, that hiding place. You do not want to leave God far away up in heaven. You want to bring Him a very close distance to you. Also, you want to become one with God where the place is so deep that only you can reach. Where is such a place? Every one of you has one - that is your heart. Once you bring God to your heart, in your mind, then your body cannot be separated from Him. You are always with Him.” -True Father. Way of Tradition I. 6

“Prayer is an exercise of the mind, an act of thought, a discipline of the emotions, an intercourse of the spirit. It is so simple that anyone can begin it, but so infinite in its possibilities that no one can ever come to an end of it.” - Young Oon Kim. Prayer

Action Step

(These are just suggestions :).  
We encourage mentees and mentors to try a challenge each week and share your experiences with each other.)

Taking some time each morning in prayer can be a peaceful, centering, and intentional way to invite God to start your day together.  This week, we suggest taking a few minutes each morning to prayer about 1) what you’re grateful for in life right now, 2) one area you are trying to work on/looking for forgiveness and healing in, and 3) a determination/goal you have for this week.


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