Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 2: Jan 28

OWNership in a life of faith I

Our original nature is to be responsible, to be initiating, and to be creative. God designed us in His image, and because of that we have limitless potential in this area.

However due to the fall, we lost much of this quality. Instead of our original desire to be responsible people capable of extraordinary things, we often find within ourselves a lack of desire. We can be resigned or passive in the things we do, expecting others to do things or take responsibility.

Although we might find this within ourselves, it is not our true nature. Heavenly Parent created us to an owner over ourselves, our lives, and even the universe. Parents are most happy when they see their children taking initiative and coming to have full ownership.

On this week's call/meet up:

  • Think of an experience in which you made the choice to do something to help another person, or to make come kind of change in your life. Share this with your mentee/mentor. How did it feel coming from you and no one else?


"In leading a life of faith, you cannot be a spectator. You follow me, but you should not practice your life of faith centered on me; you have to practice it centered on yourself. So you must preserve your way of faith irrespective of what others do. A life of faith centered on Heaven is a life of gratitude and contentment in the deepest sphere of the heart, unlike an experience you may have with a person who is close to you. Our life of faith should be such that, no matter how evil the world may be, we can look at heaven and earth and say, "I am grateful; I am happy." If we cannot feel this way, then in this sad circumstance, we must determine ourselves anew and pray, "I am a sinner. Please grant me the courage I lack." - CSG 793

"Everything depends on oneself. It is up to each of us whether we achieve perfection or fail to achieve it. It is the same regarding whether we succeed or fail in life. Our life of faith is no different. Although our faith may be constant throughout our life, our conscience urges us to strive after ever higher goals.” - CSG, Book 8 Life of Faith and Training, pg 811

Action Step

Consider the people in your life (it could be your mentor, parents, an older brother/sister in the community). Is there someone you feel has come to have ownership in their life of faith? Take a moment to ask them "what brought you to have a faith that is your own?". 


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