Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 13: April 15

spiritual checklist 

As we come closer to our last session as mentor and mentee take some time to reflect on these questions down below. This Spiritual Checklist or Assessment is a series of questions to ask ourselves – with no judgment or self-accusation –  where I am at – in order for us to set appropriate goals for spiritual growth

Foundation of Faith: Love God with all your heart…

  1. How do I live with God as my highest priority? How do I use time to personally invest in developing my relationship with God? Value the time developing relationship with God as much or more than time and effort spent in developing relationship with brothers and sisters?

  2. I am the same person in public that I am in private

  3. What depth of trust do I have in God? Is there something in my life that I have kept back from God?

  4. In making decisions, how much do I consult with God’s desire, God’s viewpoint?

  5. Am I aware of God’s presence in everything that I do?

  6. Attitude towards God’s word: do I meditate upon God’s word during the day? Do I have the habit to choose a point from my study to practice each day?

  7. Prayer life: How much do I long to communicate with God, connect with God’s love and God’s viewpoint through prayer? Do I mobilize SW through prayer? Find answers to questions through prayer? Developing heart and capacity to love and care for others through prayer?

  8. Setting conditions: am I in the midway position? What kind of conditions am I setting now to place myself clearly on God’s side?

  9. How honest am I honest with God in self-reflection?

  10. Do I take time at the end of the day to reflect upon my day and experiences, and lessons God is trying to teach me?

  11. Identity as God’s son or daughter: what is my primary sense of who I am – God’s son or daughter? Other?

Foundation of Substance

  1. I am genuinely open and honest about who I am – as a member of God’s family – we have the same parents in God.

  2. I have a deep and meaningful connection with others in the church, where I can openly share my heart and thoughts about God and spiritual issues

  3. I am open to receiving advice, encouragement, and correction from parents, elder brothers and sisters, church/ youth ministry leaders?

  4. Is there anything in my relationships with others (friends, family) that is currently unresolved – resentment; grief; hurtful feelings?

  5. With whom (elder) can I share my heart openly, when I need to talk - with deep trust that this person will keep confidentiality and help me resolve concerns with wisdom that helps me grow closer to God?

  6. Have I experienced God’s love through my parents, elders, group leaders, tribe leaders?

  7. Do I practice a life of reporting and consulting vertically? Do I find value in reporting to parents and elders to sort through my thoughts?

  8. How have I overcome challenges in relationships with brothers and sisters, family members, leaders and others, centered on God?

  9. How much do seek and experience joy through giving love, care, wisdom, and your best to others?

  10. How did I energize my team members/friends today through giving love, care, support to their spiritual growth, respecting and valuing them from God’s viewpoint today?

  11. How do you contribute to harmonious relationships on your team? (during the workshop)

  12. List acts of kindness, compassion, forgiveness and caring today.

  13. What experience did I have today standing in the position of true Abel where I had to overcome rejection, win someone’s heart, believing in the potential of others from God’s viewpoint?

Life of Attendance to True Parents, True Family

  1. I seek to follow True Father’s example and express gratitude to God during difficult times and see them as opportunities to grow

  2. I regularly reflect on how my life can have an impact for the building of CIG.

  3. I often think about ways to use my God-given gifts and abilities to contribute to God’s providence/ God’s dream – to help develop culture of heart on my team.

  4. I connect my life experiences to True Parents’ course in ways that I can imitate their attitude and behavior in fundraising

  5. I see my identity as a member of the Extended True Family – receive love from there more than anywhere else; proud of TP True Family?

  6. Which comes first in my thinking – success in my own career or contribution supporting True Parents? Which comes first in my thinking – my own success or True Parents’ success – the establishment of CIG?

    On this week's call/meet up:

    • After reflecting on these questions, share what came up for you. 
    • Each person ask the other, three questions of their choice from each category listed above. 


    "The most important thing for a believer is a clear goal. "Whatever the circumstances I will walk this way" is such a clear goal, When this goal becomes vague, our life as a believer crumbles and no matter how firmly we are determined we will have no connection whatsoever with the purpose. What does it help to determine oneself hundreds of times without a purpose? The way to come even a step closer to the goal is to set a goal clearly and then determine oneself one hundred times. It is of no use, no matter how determined we are, if the goal is not clear." - TF

    "Likewise, in your life of faith you need nutrition. Keeping this attitude is like normal breathing. In your life of faith you have to have a standard of what is normal to provide you with life energy. When you have such a standard you will receive proper nutrition. How can we get nutrition? How can we set up the channel of supply to receive normal nutrition? How can we get better nutrition than before? These are the questions." - TF

    "You need to take the right attitude in your life of faith. You have to know where you stand. Do you follow? You have to see very clearly. See what? God. Can you see God? God is invisible, so you must look for God in the advanced religions. But you cannot believe in God blindly. God has his blueprint. To build a house you first need a plan, then you have to build a foundation. Upon that foundation you can build the house, and eventually cut the ribbon. You need a plan. To accomplish the will of God there are plans for every stage." -TF

    "You must know what type of person you are. You need to think, "because I am this type of person I am suited for this field. Because I have this kind of talent and have this kind of character I am going this way." You need to know this. Some people have the mission to serve, some people have the mission to educate, some have the mission to do business. You need to know instinctively, centered on your original mind, where your talents lie." - TF

    "You have to be able to establish a standard for your life, through your accomplishments, and you have to testify to what degree of confidence you have in your life of faith. Father will not always be with you. God will not always be with you." - TF


    Action Step

    This week we invite you to strengthen one element that you are confident in and another in which you are not confident in. 


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