Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 11: April 8

power of teamwork

Teamwork isn’t only the thrill of doing something together; it’s an attitude we strive to practice in the way we relate to and view one another.  When I see myself as an important and valuable member of the team, I’m encouraged to give my best.  Likewise, when I respect and acknowledge that every person has something special to offer it allows for the beauty of collaboration and synergy of our unique offering of talents and gifts.  This makes a team strong, effective, and victorious.  When each person makes a commitment to take ownership of the purpose and uplift and energize the others on the team, they play a key role, regardless of their position. I may not be the team leader, but the success of the team depends on each member.  For example, it’s not only the quarterback or the pitcher that carries a team to victory. Good teamwork allows us to discover something within ourselves that we didn’t know was there, and experience joy, pride, and fulfillment.

The purpose of teamwork is for everyone to grow and achieve a common purpose.  Teams are made up of many different types of people and personalities.  Having a common purpose allows us to transcend our differences, go beyond our limiting concepts, and grow together.  This requires humility: to be humble to another person and their viewpoint.  It energizes a team to acknowledge each member’s effort and investment.  A successful team is one where all are willing to listen and learn from each other and give and receive constructive feedback.  Teams are an excellent environment in which to learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills since things don’t always go smoothly.  These skills don’t come automatically, they need to be learned and practiced. Teamwork is a great way to establish authentic and genuine relationships that you carry on after the task is complete.

God has given each of us something unique to contribute.  As a team we can create something much greater than we can create alone!

    On this week's call/meet up:

    • Are you currently part of a team? What has been your experience? 
    • In what ways do you feel you’ve grown by being part of a team? (current or past) 
    • What’s your experience of being part of a successful team dynamic? An unsuccessful one?  What was the difference?


    “Unity is the beginning point of love, the point where love can come to abide . . . . [But] one person does not have to go to the other to unite with him or vice versa.  When both come closer and closer they can meet at one point between them. In other words, by both of them denying themselves for a greater purpose, they can unite with each other. That is the standard of true love.” -TF, Educating for True Love, Chapter 13

    “There is an Oriental saying that where there is harmony in the family, everything can be done. Where there is unity and harmony, the love of God is present, and the ideal can be realized there. …  If you can love one person, God’s love will be there in proportion to the depth and size of that love. If you can love many people like this, God’s love will come in proportion to the greatness of that love, to the depth of that love. Good people must be able to win others, not in such a way as to conquer them, but to love them, and to bring them into greater harmony and unity. Unity is the first thing you should desire. And if you love anyone at all, you should want to love him with your whole heart.”- TF, Heart

    “So you must have unity first, because without unity there is no love: unity first, love, and then God’s ideal. You must think with God, say things with God, and plan things with God. The base of those three elements unity, love, ideal — is heart. Heart is the deeper expression of the mind. Starting from heart, unity, love and ideal are all realized.” – TF, Heart

    “In order to become owners of true love, we must lift up others and love them more than we love ourselves.” – CBMG, Book 1

    “The important thing about knowing how basic teamwork works is to know ‘what is the lesson that is being taught through teamwork process?’ What is being taught is, obviously, you have to have a purpose. You set a goal. You set a realistic time duration expectation. Then you have to understand your boundaries. In other words, set your limit based on your capability, collectively, because we are talking about teamwork. And of course, it is important to support because that gives you something.  It teaches you how to share ideas and how to do check and balance. For me teamwork is important because it keeps me humble. That’s about it. I have to keep myself humble if I want to embody the people that I am working with. Why? Because it goes on. Anything that has worth, anything that is meaningful, should last forever. Why? Because love is eternal. And what is the purpose of coming together? That we all grow up together and not just me, right?” – Hyo Jin Moon

    Action Step

    This week we invite you to take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself in your current (or past) trinities, and what you uniquely value/appreciate about the members in your trinity.  How can you improve your communication with your trinity? (Sharing strengths or resolving challenges?)

    • What helped you take that step?
    • Has your attitude towards challenge changed over the years with your experiences?


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