Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 11: November 19

Power of consistency

Last week, we looked at exceeding our limitations in our journey of building a life of faith, creating healthy habits, and becoming the person we would like to be. This week, we will look at the importance of consistency in creating healthy habits of a life of faith.

If we honestly look at ourselves, how much do we resemble God? Originally, we resemble God in our potential; however, if we look closely our lifestyle, habits and thoughts they are not completely God centered. How did we come to acquire those habits? Basically, through constant and continuous repetition. That’s how habits are acquired.

If we consistently live our life doing what everybody else is doing, we come develop habits and then it becomes our character. Our character then becomes our personality and we end up creating a certain culture around ourselves. Ultimately, that becomes our reality and, if not changed, our destiny. In life, we often come across many means for change--- an inspiring quote, a self-help book, or someone’s good advice. Of course, all this guidance is good but if we are not trying to embody it, we don’t have a relationship with it. We can understand where we should be spiritually but when we look at our reality, we are faced with a gap. This gap makes us feel discouraged. All bad things that we have were not inherited at one time, but step by step. So to develop God-centered habits, we need to take it step by step.

The problem is that we tend to rely on inspiration---a spur of the moment trip, a good movie, a song, Sunday or youth service, a ted talk, etc.  In that moment, we might feel a desire to follow our original mind or good action that leads to change but if we cant substantiate it through our habits we lose it. Whether we are inspired everyday or not is not the question, but the question is how much we are consistent in practicing God centered habits. We need to repeat the same thing over and over again because repetition will lead to mastery and confidence. Instead of looking for new inspirations each day, create inspiration and be the inspiration for God. Try to change just a certain point through practicing a particular God’s word until victory is brought.

Let’s be clear of what we lack and what we have from God and develop the good part slowly but surely which is actually he fastest way.

On this week's call/meet up:

  • What is stopping you from being consistent? 
  • What is stopping you from making your life of faith stronger? 
  • What is the most consistent God centered habit you have incorporated into your life? 


"Any task we do requires sincerity and dedication, and not just for a day or two. It needs to be a continuous process. A knife used once and never sharpened turns dull. The same is true with sincerity and dedication. We need to continue our efforts on a daily basis with the thought that we are sharpening our blade daily. Whatever the task, if we continue the effort in this way, we eventually reach a mystical state." - As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

“Before seeking to dominate the universe, first perfect your ability to dominate yourself.” - As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

"Try to focus on today, on this very moment; and if you are the victor in your heart right now, you will be victors after going through the entire course. So, you must be alert in winning the very moment you are faced with for the side of God." - Challenge and Victory

Action Step

For one week, choose a habit to practice everyday. On next weeks call, share what came up for you.


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