Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 1: September 10

Introductions & Why a life of faith?

We hope these 12 weeks can be an encouraging and rewarding exploration of some of the healthy habits that sustain and nurture a life of faith and provide support, encourage, and accountability for your goals and habits.

On this week's call/meet up:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Share your goals:
    • As a mentee, share your goals and hopes for these 12 weeks.
    • As a mentor, share what you're excited to bring to the table based on your own experience transitioning.
  • Why a life of faith?
    • Why do you find it meaningful and important to cultivate your life of faith?  
    • Do you notice the difference in your life when it’s something that’s growing and thriving?
  • Schedule a time to meet each week (this can always be flexible, but having something down to start helps!)


"What is the purpose of a religious life? It is to realize one's original nature." - CSG 50

"I have brought four great truths to the world of faith. First, I clarified the relationship between God and human beings. I also gave a clear explanation about the portion of human responsibility and indemnity -- things that no one in history had known about before. We did not know why human beings are as they are today. I made this point clear. I then explained why life is difficult for conscientious people, while evil people live well. No one has known about the law of indemnity or the problem of Cain and Abel. Finally I explained why, even though people seek goodness, situations often get worse, little by little. This is an issue of lineage; it is due to our blood being tainted by Satan. This question has been unresolved due to the fundamental ignorance concerning the problem of lineage. All the problems of the world are related to the issue of lineage."  -CSG 793

"Be healthy, be strong, and grow very deep and profound roots." - TM

"Faith means living in attendance to God, living together with God and attending Him. If we do not walk such a path, we feel uneasy. We feel physically uncomfortable and we meet obstacles in our environment. A life of faith is a life of living together with God and attending Him. The sun rises in the morning, reaches its zenith at noon and sets in the evening. This is unchanging. It will not change in tens of thousands of years. If an orbit goes awry, everything goes awry. We need to go out and find the mind of love, the path of true love. The person who inherits true life and true lineage becomes part of God's family and always lives with God. Living with God also means living happily with nature and coming and going happily in our daily lives" - CSG 797 

"The issue lies not in the small mistakes you make here and there but in whether you can go forward with absolute faith and obedience to God. If you do not have results, take heart and have hope. Having hope requires absolute faith and a record of striving to achieve results. " -CSG 798





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