One of the objectives of the Alumni Association is to provide alumni with opportunities
to attend workshops being held for the current year of GPA.  
The content is rich, insightful, and nourishing and the staff and presenters want to share it with you!

GPA invites you
to their upcoming workshops!

Only 10 spots available per workshop!

NOV 15 - 17

Join Uncle Gerry in exploring the essence of Unification Thought: Original Image, 3 Great Blessings, Theory of Ethics, Art, and Education!

April 17 - 23 (Family workshop)

Why is your worldview important? What is Headwing?  Explore the history of our cultural trends and their impact on our worldview, education, media, and sexuality.

May 21 - 27

Looking to go back to basics with a DP refresher?  Join this 7-day lecture training workshop with Aunt Christine.  The best way to learn... is to teach!