Meet Our Team!


Hideaki Nomura - Co-Coordinator

Hello! I’m Hideaki Nomura and I live in Chicago, Il. I was born in Japan. I have one older brother and two older sisters. Our family moved to Bridgeport, CT in 2000. Then moved to Chicago in 2003 and lived here ever since. I’m an alumnus of GPA (2014-2016). Right after GPA I got involved in my father’s Real Estate Investment business. I have two businesses — a video production company and an e-commerce company. I’m passionate about helping people, skateboarding, running, filmmaking, and traveling. I’m involved in my local youth ministry. My goal of having businesses is to have the freedom to support people as much as possible. GPA was an integral part of my life that allowed me to be who I am today and I’m eternally grateful.


Myoyeon Yu - Co-Coordinator

Hi! My name is Myoyeon Yu and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA studying Data Analytics & International Relations at the University of California San Diego. I'm an alumna of GPA (2012-2015) and currently part of the YAYAM core staff for the Los Angeles Community. I have been so incredibly blessed to be able to have many opportunities on and off of GPA where older brothers and sisters from our faith community has helped guide me to become the person that I am today. All of which is the reason why I love to stay involved currently. In my free time I love traveling and experiencing different people & cultures. But I always find the best comfort with my family friends back at home. 


Tasnah Bercy - advisor

Hi! I currently serve as the Program Coordinator for National Young Adult Ministry and as advisor to the two amazing coordinators above. I'm passionate about creating opportunities for young adults to explore and deepen an authentic relationship with themselves, God and True Parents, and others. Whether through retreats and seminars, educational curriculum, or one-on-one relationships, I find a deep fulfillment and joy in the empowering individuals in their journey of growth and discovery. I'm an alumna of STF (2007-2010) and of the University of Bridgeport where I studied religion and psychology and served for two years as the youth pastor.  In my free time I'm building my event and wedding planning business. I love frisbee, rock climbing, and running, and spend my free time writing, crafting, and drinking tea. I live in Kodiak, AK with my husband, Lukas.