Meet Our Team!


Soogin Ogden - Co-Coordinator

Hi! I'm Soogin Ogden. I've been living in the Chicago community for a good portion of my life, and I enjoy spending my time with the people here. Some things about me: I really love English tea, I like playing volleyball, and enjoy time with myself reading a book or writing. I graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Even though it has been a while, I'm very grateful for my experiences on STF when I attended back in 2009 (2009-2012). The program helped me understand God's presence in my life which has helped me grow since graduating. I decided to apply for this position because I believe that growth continues in our life and daily experiences once we leave. I'd love to see a thriving alumni community that is able to connect to one another in a way that helps us grow together as youth in the movement. I look forward to contributing to the vision of the Alumni Association and to supporting my fellow brothers and sisters in the journey of life and faith that we walk!


Carie Arline - Co-Coordinator

Hi! I graduated from Dundee Crown High School in 2010 and attended STF from 2010-2011. I graduated with an Associates at Harper College with a certificate in Professional Event Planning in 2015. I'll be graduating this December from Northern Illinois University majoring in Community Leadership and Civic Engagement with an emphasis on Nonprofits and Non-Governmental Studies.  In my own Chicago community, I am the chairwoman for the Chicago Family Church Local Council.

I have interest in things that will improve the wellbeing’s of human. As of now this take form of studying True Parents’ teachings, spiritual workshops, or retreats. I also enjoy exploring different environments to help me understand how I can create a healthy environment conducive to human growth. This takes form of me being active in church programs, exploring cafes and libraries, working in different environments and in my own personal life through visually arranging things that are appeasing to the eye, and creating healthy habits. 

By taking on this role, I hope to improve and apply my knowledge of non-profits and a way for me to plug back in to what was the starting point of my life of faith and my inspiration to create this community center.


Tasnah Moyer - advisor

Hi! I currently serve as the Program Coordinator for National Young Adult Ministry and as advisor to the two lovely ladies above. I'm passionate about creating opportunities for young adults to explore and deepen an authentic relationship with themselves, God and True Parents, and others. Whether through retreats and seminars, educational curriculum, or one-on-one relationships, I find a deep fulfillment and joy in the empowering individuals in their journey of growth and discovery. I'm an alumna of STF (2007-2010) and of the University of Bridgeport where I studied religion and psychology and served for two years as the youth pastor.  In my free time I'm building my event and wedding planning business. I love frisbee, rock climbing, and running, and spend my free time writing, crafting, and drinking tea. I lives in Philadelphia, PA with my younger siblings, two of my favorite people.