Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 3: Feb 4

OWNership in a life of faith II

Discovering God and truth in our lives is a lifelong journey in which we will be challenged to continue to invest. However, having a heart to find our own personal ownership of our relationship with God and understanding of True Parents is how we are able to genuinely breakthrough in our life of faith. This is why it is important to be people that see our challenges as opportunities to grow; "if there is a problem, it means that I can improve something here!" This is truly a proactive person's character.

Consider the following two points in relation to ownership:

  1. The nature of True love is that it is initiated, not forced. 
    Free will is a very important aspect of our human nature; we are meant to be God’s object of love.  God wanted His children to give and receive love not out of obligation but out of our own free will. That was the ideal of love which God intended.
  2. Your problem is God’s problem.
    “I belong to God, I do not belong to myself”. This is the principle way of thinking.Therefore, my pain is God’s pain, my problem is God’s problem. God is taking full responsibility to guide and raise us and He never gives up. He thinks it is his responsibility as parent to raise us up as His children and as an owner. So, to solve my problem is solving God’s problem.

On this week's call/meet up:

  • Think of a situation that stirs up your limitations (anger, annoyance, blame, etc.). Share with your mentee/mentor: Who might this involve and what comes up for you in this circumstance? What is something you can own in the situation and try to work on?


"If you only follow me and depend on me for instructions then you have not done your own work. You have to take the initiative. Before I give instructions about what to do, you can anticipate what needs to be done and put your ideas into action. Your victories and accomplishments will inspire God to begin to trust and depend on you always" - Rev. Sun Myoung Moon

"You should not be people who are resigned to being here or who reluctantly, passively approach your responsibilities. I must transform you into people who just can't help but live this way of life. You must be born champions, born revolutionaries." - Way of Tradition; Responsibility # 27/30

Action Step

Consider the things you are investing into in your life (it could be work, school, family relationships, the community, etc.). Is there an area of your life where you find it difficult to be proactive in? Take a 20 minute walk sometime this week to reflect on what might be a stumbling block to really own your choices/expereinces in this area of your life. 


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