Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
Week 1: June 17

Introductions & Why a life of faith?

We hope these 10 weeks can be an encouraging and rewarding exploration of some of the healthy habits that sustain and nurture a life of faith and provide support, encourage, and accountability for your goals and habits.

On this week's call/meet up:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Share your goals:
    • As a mentee, share your goals and hopes for these 10 weeks.
    • As a mentor, share what you're excited to bring to the table based on your own experience transitioning.
  • Why a life of faith?
    • Why do you find it meaningful and important to cultivate your life of faith?  
    • Do you notice the difference in your life when it’s something that’s growing and thriving?
  • Schedule a time to meet each week (this can always be flexible, but having something down to start helps!)


"What is the purpose of a religious life? It is to realize one's original nature." - CSG 50

"In leading a life of faith, you cannot be a spectator. You follow me, but you should not practice your life of faith centered on me; you have to practice it centered on yourself. So you must preserve your way of faith irrespective of what others do. A life of faith centered on Heaven is a life of gratitude and contentment in the deepest sphere of the heart, unlike an experience you may have with a person who is close to you. Our life of faith should be such that, no matter how evil the world may be, we can look at heaven and earth and say, "I am grateful; I am happy." If we cannot feel this way, then in this sad circumstance, we must determine ourselves anew and pray, "I am a sinner. Please grant me the courage I lack." - CSG 793

"Be healthy, be strong, and grow very deep and profound roots." - TM

“Your faith, your truth, your divine light is not dependent on a pastor or a religious leader; it is in your divine connection with Heavenly Parents’ True Love. If you experience doubt or you lose your way, just return to the origin, the root, the word, your true heart, conscience, and center, and you will find your way back on the path of True Love. Even though we are going through a time in our movement when there are voices of confusion and discord, we must not lose sight of our center which resides in True Parents, in the Word, and in our own conscience. They serve as our compass so that we can navigate with an even hand, while sailing on stormy shores.” – Sun Jin Nim


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