Everyone should meet at least one mentor in his or her life on whom they can totally depend, whom they can trust never to violate their heart, and with whom they can feel totally at ease. In this way they can understand the heart of God. They can taste the heart of a true child in relation to our Heavenly Parent.
— Rev. Moon
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Summer comes to a close and the school year's about to kick in.  The first few months home are the most pivotal for graduates as they navigate the transition home to family, start school or work, and reconnect to the community.  By connecting each graduate to an alumni, the AA wants to help empower this year's graduates to confidently apply the lessons they've learned and take their next steps forward!

Applications close august 31!

What is the Mentoring Partnership?

The Mentoring Partnership, started in the fall of 2016, creates a network of support between recent alumni and their older brothers and sisters with the goal of:

  • Connecting more seasoned alumni to more recent graduates of GPA
  • Continuing to nurture lives of faith, apply lessons learned on GPA, and find accountability for building healthy habits

why become a mentor?

More than anything, grads have expressed wanting to connect to their older brothers and sisters, receive advice, hear about your experiences, and know what helped you in making a healthy transition.

Refresh your lessons and experiences.  

All that we’re given and taught isn’t just for us, but was given in the trust that we’d share it with others.  Being a few years ahead and having walked down similar paths to what your mentee is currently navigating, this is a meaningful opportunity to share your lessons and give advice that can make such a difference in someone’s life.

The joy of helping someone!  

It’s an awesome feeling to know that lending an ear and being there for your mentee is an incredible source of confidence and encouragement for them.

When you share you’re kept accountable! 

Helping someone focus on their goals and growing is often a healthy reminder and encouragement to focus on doing the same in your own life!  And you can grow together. 

Be a part of creating a thriving and supportive culture!  

WE are our community!  It’s not perfect, but it’s growing and this is one meaningful way to contribute.

why become a mentee?

A key role in making  a healthy "thriving" transition from GPA is to take the initiative to reach out for help and support!  Sometimes it takes a bit of courage (and a dash of humility and commitment) but it’s well worth it!  What are some of the benefits of finding a mentor, you ask?


If you’re a recent graduate, you’ve just spent one, two, maybe three years on GPA building the foundations for a life of faith, exploring your relationship with God, True Parents, yourself, your family, and your future.  As with any area of life you want to excel in, finding someone to keep you accountable to goals and continuing to grow can be super helpful!

Gain insights from someone else’s experiences. 

You are probably not the first person in your situation. Nor will you be the last. There are many who have gone ahead of you and navigated the transitions of a life of faith, college, work, and relationships after STF/GPA and have a lot to offer from what they've learned!

You are part of a HUGE network of support! 

We’ve teamed up with some awesome people and organizations to provide quality content, support, and resources.  You're not alone!

To be a mentor

  • 3+ years graduated
  • Committed to provide a safe, supportive, and enriching elder/younger brother/sister relationship that supports a Principled lifestyle:
    1. A healthy and holistic (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) lifestyle
    2. Commitment towards discovery and growth in their lives of faith
    3. A life of sexual integrity towards marriage and the Blessing
  • Participate in a 1-hour intro webinar at the beginning of the rotation

How it works

Three annual rotations

  • Spring 2017 - January 22 - April 29 (14 weeks)
  • Summer 2017 - June 11 – August 19 (10 weeks)
  • Fall 2017 - September 10 – December 2 (12 weeks)

Each rotation

  • Week 1: Introductions
  • Week 2 – 6: Themes based on track
  • Week 7: Mid-rotation check in
  • Week 8-12: Themes based on track
  • Week 13: Wrap up and acknowledgements

Each week

  • Receive a weekly email with a theme, related quotes, questions, and an application step
  • 30-60-minute call or in-person meeting
  • Discuss themes of faith, family, relationships, school, career, etc.

Education Track

The Alumni Association hosts the “Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith” track:

  • Have an intentional space to talk about faith.
  • Find support and encouragement on applying what you learned on GPA to life after.
  • Be held accountable for your goals.

Topics include prayer, God's word, reflection, friends of faith, value, purpose, reporting, gratitude, etc.

Get Involved!

  • Want be a mentor? Or find a mentor? Apply above!
  • Have someone you’re already mentoring or being mentored by?  Consider joining a rotation and pick a track together!
  • Know someone who would be a great mentor?  Someone who could use a mentor?  Spread the love and share this opportunity with them!
  • Believe this is an effort worth supporting?  Consider making a donation!
  • If this rotation doesn’t quite work for you this time around, feel free to keep this opportunity in mind and enroll in future rotations.  Let us know if you want us to contact you!


“This brought back a lot of what it was like being on STF and my own journey to translate my experience into my life and relationships with other people. It’s helped me to value my experiences [on STF] more; and I’m happy that I have something to offer to others. I feel I have a lot to share and a lot of experiences, but I don’t always have an audience and someone looking to learn and gain from them.” – Adonia Hentrich, STF 2003-2007, Mentor

“I'm experiencing that when I’m consistent with doing some sort of spiritually nourishing thing every day, my days just feel better, more clear, and more intentional and it's easier to think about how God is working in my life or be able to appreciate the things in my life that He’s given me.  I’m reminded of how impactful a condition can be.” - Mentee

“It’s my only interaction with the church each week [since my school is far from the community]. I like how every week we make small action steps to keep each other accountable…[My mentor] fits the category of older brother really well. He got blessed at a young age, is part of the younger Unificationist community, really loving toward his wife, is having a family – the American dream of a Unificationist. And it’s really nice to see that he’s supporting his community. He’s a really good role model through the way he lives his life. And I could tell that he’s living a good life by the way he talks and the way he’s caring for me. I could tell his character and the virtues he holds that are really guiding him. I’m really lucky to have him as a mentor.” – Khory Wagner, GPA 2012-2013, Mentee

“It’s been really beneficial. My mentor and I started on our own before the program. Comparing it then and now I feel it’s more structured now, with the guidelines it helps us on a direct path – it’s leading up to something. There’s something designated to focus on, especially with the faith habits.” – Sarah Rendel, GPA 2015-2016, Mentee

“I like sharing. It gives me hope when there's more people thinking about God and True Parents.” - Mentor

This has helped me be a little more actively consistent in my life of faith and look for moments I can learn from in my daily life. - Mentor