Mentoring Rotation Round 2: CHECK!

The Healthy Habits Mentoring Rotation was just what I needed. It was really nice to have an older 2nd gen who is a few steps ahead of me in life to talk to about what is going on in mine.
— Irvin Granstrom, GPA 2012-2015, mentee

Our second mentoring rotation has come to a successful close!  14 mentors and mentees were paired up for a 14-week rotation focused on "Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith."

Each week, pairs received a short email focused on themes such as prayer, studying God's word, and friends of faith.  Along with a short introduction to the topic, it included discussion questions and related quotes the pair could discuss on their weekly 30-minute call/meet-up.

For Kai Wise, STF 2006-2009, a second time mentor who was paired up with someone in her own Seattle community, this was "an amazing way to develop a relationship with someone in my community on a meaningful level."

As a mentee, Mira Brown "liked having a theme, guiding questions, and having a regular person with whom to share- in short, the structured nature of the experience. I liked having thought-provoking material to read and discuss, and I want to try to continue reading intentional and meaningful material."  Another mentee “experienced that when I’m consistent with doing some sort of spiritually nourishing thing every day, my days just feel better, more clear, and more intentional and it's easier to think about how God is working in my life or be able to appreciate the things in my life that He’s given me.  I’m reminded of how impactful a condition can be.”

For mentor Hannah Gravrand, a 2007-2009 NGA graduate, this was a meaningful "opportunity to care for someone who is ready to receive support and a chance to be reminded of the things I still need to work on in my spiritual life."

I loved the opportunity to connect on a deep and meaningful level with a new friend! It kept me accountable to my own life of faith, my goals, and reminded me that I am still a work in progress.
— Adonia Hentrich, STF 2003-2007, mentor

Join us for our next mentoring rotation, a 10-week rotation geared towards the 36 GPA participants from this year's class graduating on June 10.  

The first few weeks home are the most pivotal for graduates as they navigate the transition home to family, prepare for school or work, and reconnect to the community.  By connecting each graduate to an alumni, the AA wants to help empower this year's graduates to confidently apply the lessons they've learned and take their next steps forward!

Each of the 10 weeks will focus on a different theme, guiding graduates to reflect on their experience and integrate their lessons.  We're looking for mentors who are 3+ years out of their own STF/GPA experience!