Fall 2016 Mentoring Partnership Underway!

There is something innately fulfilling about helping another person. It’s also an extremely stabilizing and heart-warming experience to have someone look out for you. That’s just the beginning of what a mentoring partnership can offer.

During the Fall 2016 semester, CARP, the STF-GPA Alumni Association, and National Youth Ministry collaborated to offer “The Mentoring Partnership.” The purpose was to facilitate connections so young people could receive the support and advice of an older brother or sister.

Forty participants joined one of three tracks:

  1. CARP track: based on Unification Principles
    1. Between students and young adults/graduates
  2. STF-GPA track: based on Healthy Habits of a Life of Faith
    1. Between students, gap-year program grads, or any young adult, with older students, graduates, and working professionals
  3. Youth Ministry: based on the Youth Ministry themes (Amplified)
    1. Between high school and college students/graduates


Hear what our participants have shared now that they are half-way through the semester-long program:


“David [my mentor] seems like the kind of guy that knows the issues that I’ve gone through and it makes it very easy to understand and appreciate his guidance. We’ve set up goals (Matching 2017). The highlight is the older brother feeling I’ve gotten and all the insights he’s given me. I’ve discovered that you’ve got to know your one thing. It’s easy to get scattered in life and to get pulled around in different directions but if you know your one thing, it can anchor you. Like what’s most important to you. Why you’re doing everything you’re doing. I’m very appreciative for the wealth of experience. Would do it again.” – Alex Morris, 25, Mentee

“I like meeting up and checking in with each other weekly. I also like the networking aspect- helping each other out through conditions and connections. My highlight: helping Sasha get a job and supporting each other in developing relationships and our faith. I’d describe it as supportive, inspiring, and empowering.” – Kaori Becker, 28, Mentor

“Taking a step back to reflect definitely helps to move forward.” – Aiden Burton, 20 Mentee

STF-GPA Alumni association SPONSORED TRACK

“This brought back a lot of what it was like being on STF and my own journey to translate my experience into my life and relationships with other people. It’s helped me to value my experiences [on STF] more; and I’m happy that I have something to offer to others. I feel I have a lot to share and a lot of experiences, but I don’t always have an audience and someone looking to learn and gain from them.” – Adonia Hentrich, STF 2003-2007, Mentor

“It’s my only interaction with the church each week [since my school is far from the community]. I like how every week we make small action steps to keep each other accountable…[My mentor] fits the category of older brother really well. He got blessed at a young age, is part of the younger Unificationist community, really loving toward his wife, is having a family – the American dream of a Unificationist. And it’s really nice to see that he’s supporting his community. He’s a really good role model through the way he lives his life. And I could tell that he’s living a good life by the way he talks and the way he’s caring for me. I could tell his character and the virtues he holds that are really guiding him. I’m really lucky to have him as a mentor.” – Khory Wagner, GPA 2012-2013, Mentee

“It’s been really beneficial. My mentor and I started on our own before the program. Comparing it then and now I feel it’s more structured now, with the guidelines it helps us on a direct path – it’s leading up to something. There’s something designated to focus on, especially with the faith habits.” – Sarah Rendel, GPA 2015-2016, Mentee


“Thank you so much for this mentoring program. My son seems to be greatly benefitting from this initiative. It is very much appreciated and needed.” – Parent of an Amplified Mentee

“My son seems to enjoy it, as he does not have his own older brother. He can feel like he has one finally.” – Parent of an Amplified Mentee

“It’s been a good way for even me to reconnect and focus on my relationship with God, as I lead her through some of these conversations. I am very grateful that you provide the guiding questions, as well as short readings. They’ve helped me understand the intended purpose of the weekly theme.” – Mentor of Amplified


During the Fall 2016 semester, most pairs communicated across states and time zones. Many have expressed the value of being able to be closer geographically, even in the same community, to allow for in person get-togethers and connection with the larger community they’re both part of. The Mentoring Program is hoping to take this direction and empower these relationships on a local level.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for the Fall program, so if you’d like to make a difference in another’s life (be a mentor) or receive support (be a mentee), learn more and apply at www.carplife.org/mentoring. The Spring 2017 application process will begin soon.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions.

With love,

Mentoring Partnership Coordinators:

Kaeleigh Moffitt (kmoffitt@unification.org)
Tasnah Moyer (tasnah@stfgpalumni.org)

Teresa Rischl (teresa@carplife.org)